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I really liked this one. It has so many good things going on. My only hopefully constructive comment is that I would have like to hear the lead melody a little more in certain parts (I realize it switches between a few instruments). It felt like it could have been more up front in the mix. Other than that, no complaints. You managed to incorporate a lot of different parts into one song while still maintaining a sense of continuity.



I like how you used a method for composing this (symmetry) and it still came out sounding great. I wasn't able to figure out the symmetry in the snare pattern though I'm sure it's there. You should of had the toms go up in the first half and then down in the second for a cool effect.


EchozAurora responds:

Yep, the snare pitches up in the first half and down like that actually...

And if I might pitch the toms at the beginning and end of the climax part there when I rework it, rather than the four bar section like now...

(I think I will add another section to the middle I think... make three climactic sections... two similar to the current one.. and an epic one in the middle.


I wasn't too bothered by the intro but ya it was fairly harsh on the ears. However, it did give this piece a unique sound. The part where the drums kicks in is cool for a while but I felt it went on a little too long. The melody wasn't very discernible and all I really focused on was the chords which never really changed during the first section after the intro. The drums were pretty cool and a lot of the sounds you used were pretty interesting. The bridge with the monologue was my favorite part. Good pads, good effects, good tonal choices. I liked the swelling pad in the left and how it interacted with the keys. Keep up the good work. 5/5


i was in a drum corp and we actually performed part of this song for the finale of our show. its nice to hear some steve reich rhythms on here.

Elanatronica responds:


i was in an ensemble and the teacher had us al play it on the clavies haha

i though it was kool so i decided to copie the rhythm and put a few notes in it.


interesting. at first i heard the piano riff as 2 bars of 3/2 and one of 2/2. so it was kinda techy sounding. anyhow, the production couldve been better. it sounded as though there was quite a fair amount of clipping on the lower bass sounds. the synth lines were cool and i liked the bass line. the piano was a little too programmed for my tastes but thats ok. good stuff. keep it up.

Suspended-3rd-Chord responds:

hmm still clipping on the bass? there was a major problem at first, but I thought I fixed that...hmm.

anyways, glad you like it, thanks for the review and good numbers. cheers man!


very nice. professional sounding from the beginning. i haven't heard the original song but this is definitely nice. Very danceable and I love the clapping parts.

DjEagle responds:

Thanks a lot man :), I worked pretty hard on it.


i like the way the song builds in the beginning. and ya this would make a great pico loop. the crescendoing synth lines are really cool too.

very nice

love the prepared piano samples. reminds me of back in the day when they used to score horror movies without computers. its really amazing how much range piano has as an instrument and what sounds you can get from it especially if you mike it really close.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

when i have loads of money i'm gonna buy me a grand piano...


the saxophone's sound very realistic. were they actually recorded? If not good job making them sound so real. Their tone kind of reminds me of the Tom Waits song "Dirt in the Ground" with their sad tone. As always, your drum programming is magnificent and I like the emotion your songs convey without being sappy or melodramatic.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

cheers bro,
yep, sax was real, i can never be arsed to try and realistically sequence horns/strings. tom waits is the man, bo ting


wow it almost gets a polka feel going with the upbeat snare. pretty crazy. ya definitely fits the whole video game dance feel.

beatmasterJAG responds:

POLKA!! eeeek
Thanks for the review!

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